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A.M.P. Rose Pvt. Ltd

Posted by in on 5-1-18

A.M.P Rose (P) Ltd. specializes in the supply of machines for the processing and packaging of confectionery, gum and chocolate products.The Company was founded in Bangalore in 1994 and is a subsidiary unit of A.M.P Rose, UK, one of the world’s leading suppliers of candy machinery. Our machines are used by all the leading Indian/International confectionery manufacturers. We also export a large percentage of our products to our Parent Company, as well as to other confectionery manufacturers worldwide.We are the only Candy Machine manufacturers in India that produces machines with first-hand European technology. Our range of new machinery includes complete plants for the production of hard candies, including pharmaceutical/nutraceutical products. We also produce lines for fruit chews, toffees, bubble gum, etc. in a wide range of packaging styles.In addition, we can also offer used candy and chocolate machinery through our parent Company, which can if required be reconditioned in our workshops in Bangalore.We also pride ourselves on our reputation for quality after-sales service; technical assistance, spare parts supply, installation and commissioning, all handled by our skilled and experienced staff. We can also undertake complete turn-key projects including recipe formulation, staff training etc.


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